If you have been keeping up with our Marketers for Movers blog the past few weeks you know that the new metrics based on Core Web Vitals kick in sometime in 2021. That’s only seven weeks away. Are you ready? Let’s hit the basics:


  • FAST LOAD SPEED. Google is not kidding around here. The optimum for when you first start seeing something on your screen is only 2.5 seconds. That is fast.
  • HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST YOUR SITE IS? Go to Web Core Vitals on Google and run the test.  It will show the results immediately.
  • WHERE IS THIS TEST SITE? Go to your site’s Google Search Console. Look in the left hand tree and find “Web Core Vitals”.  Click it and run it.
  • TEST WILL PROVIDE LOAD TIME FOR BOTH DESKTOP AND MOBILE. So run it twice and see where your site stands.


If your site is super slow, contact your webmaster to see how to speed it up. Your page rank on Google depends on it.


SEO MATH:  Traffic = Clicks = Customers = Sales Leads (online or in-store). If your site isn’t seen, you won’t get leads.


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