You will never get to Page One of Google with a site that takes over 5-7 seconds to load.  Google just will not permit it.  

As we bring on new clients to our SEO program we see sites that are slow. Very slow. Often times the owner of the moving company doesn’t even realize how slow his or her site is because they watch it load instantly on their own office computer as it is already stored in their cache, so they think it loads this fast for prospects. It doesn’t. This can be a cruel joke that their computer is playing on them.

Fix your computer load time now.  It is crucial to your website’s success in getting a Page One ranking on Google for some keyword phrases. Why?

  1.  Slow load time means low ranking on Google.
  2. Low rankings on Google mean much less traffic.
  3. Website traffic is the starting point of getting moving leads from your website.
  4. Without traffic, leads are not there.

How come some sites are so slow?

  1.  It often has to do with a long list of web designers who have worked on your site.
  2. Many of them load “plug-ins” that often inadvertently add to “bloat”.  
  3. The bloat kills the site’s ability to load quickly.

Test how fast your site loads now at:

Now’s the time to make your site a profit center…not a cost center. Onward and upward!

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