As the Fed continues to tighten and mortgage rates rise, we must be prudent in our response.  Yes, the Residential market is coming back, but we must strengthen our other profit centers in the meantime.  How?  Storage and Office/Commerical.

What you can do now:

  1. STORAGE: We don’t need to tell you how big Self-Storage is; new locations are being built literally everywhere.  You can profit here.  There are plenty of prospects who would welcome your more convenient services.
  2. OFFICE MOVING:  There is no secret that employees are fighting to continue to work remotely, and consequently, many companies will need to downsize and/or move.  It’s happening everywhere.  Again, another profit center.
  3. COMMERCIAL MOVING:  New businesses are popping up.  Start-ups are outgrowing their space.  They need to move.
  4. ADVERTISE:  Google Ads are becoming more and more important.  Now that Google is offering Continuous Scrolling on Desktop as well as Mobile, your Google Ads will be seen more frequently at no additional charge.  We are developing an attribution system to monitor the Customer Journey to help you better trace sales from Direct and Organic back to a Google Ad.
  5. OFFER INCENTIVES:  All businesses do, why not you?  You need to stimulate traffic.  You need to prime the pump.  It’s been a Gold Rush for the past couple of years.  It was an anomaly.  Take action.  It’s 2019 all over again.

Until next week, Onward & Upward!

Congratulations to our seven clients who will receive Spire Quality Awards at the Wheaton/Beakins Gala at the MGM Grand this Wednesday and Thursday.