Text Is Dying, But There’s Still Hope for Your Moving Company

Even as little as five years ago, the most influential online voices were writing on blogs and news websites. Now those same voices can be heard on podcasts and seen on YouTube channels, Facebook videos, Netflix series, Instagram stories and a multitude of apps. The bottom line? If your moving company can’t deliver marketing content tailored to an increasingly distracted Internet, then your content might not reach an audience at all.

But, don’t fear: all the text-based SEO work you put in for your moving company this year is not lost. Google still ranks authority based largely on text (among many other factors), even if consumers increasingly disregard that content. So, what can you do to be seen? For one, your moving company should deliver a rich variety of multi-media content that will draw viewers in for the long-term. Podcasts and explainer videos are the most accessible forms of new media. Next, make sure your video and audio content is well-targeted and your target audiences are segmented. Last, and most important, make better content that audiences want to watch, read and listen to.

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