How you respond to death and destruction is what’s important. Nobody wanted this, but here we are. It’s how you respond that is key, and here are some timely suggestions:
  1. SUMMER MOVING SEASON: It’s here. If your sales team is not capitalizing on this, they should be. We know of no districts going back this spring.
  2. OFFICE “RIGHTSIZING”: With “social distancing”, that conference room that held 12 chairs is only going to be good for 6. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Moving and storage is needed…and now to reopen.
  3. COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES: This is a sea change. They know it too. If their school isn’t top 50 globally, they are in trouble. See Scott Galloway at NYU Stern. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/05/scott-galloway-future-of-college.html
    One of our clients got a $30,000 order last week to close down a satellite location.
  4. EMERGENCY DIVORCE MOVES: If the US follows China, it will be “divorce-palooza”, according to filings from China. Many women will want out fast. Many will fear reprisals and need to move tomorrow.
  5. WEAKER MOVERS WON’T MAKE IT: Any mover without deep pockets will have difficulty during this recession. Expect to increase your market share.
As we have written the last weeks, use this disruption to your advantage. It is impressive how well so many of you have done in navigating these quarantines and lockdowns, and day after day of bad news. Good work, and stay strong.
Onward and upward!