The Importance of Videos Online

Web video marketing is the new black. But seriously. The way a black t-shirt might be the anchor to your wardrobe, video is the anchor that can make or break your entire marketing plan. While video isn’t new, the format and consumption of video is almost unrecognizable today from even ten years ago. In fact, web video consumption has steadily increased over the last four years to make up over 75% of all the internet content consumed today. This evidence proves the necessity of generating content for your website using web video. Whether they’re explainer videos or a branding message, it’s all important to your digital marketing.

So, long story short, many prospects identify with the experts who speak to them directly, whether in-person or on video. The trust you build through web video marketing can help you lead your viewer from prospect to buyer in under two minutes. So how do you make this happen?

A Great Web Video Production Grabs Attention Instantly

The attention that a viewer will give to a web video drastically falls if your video doesn’t offer an answer to their question within eight seconds. And if that question isn’t completely answered or a solution isn’t offered within two minutes after you grab them, engagement falls by almost 20%.

Web Video Production Offers Massive SEO

Search engines love web video. Take this, for example: a page with video content is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search. So, we know that web video content can massively increase traffic to your website. Then what?

Make Sure Your Web Video is Relevant

Make sure the video content is relevant. Seems simple, right? But the most important thing to remember is this: if the viewer doesn’t hear what they want to hear within eight seconds, they bounce. Studies show the average consumer on the internet has approximately eight seconds of attention to devote before they decide on its relevance. And if you don’t hook them before then, then you’re old news.

So, what about the rest of the video? You’re right. It’s actually impossible to hook, promise and deliver on a solution for a viewer within eight seconds. We’ve found that the sweet spot for an explainer video is at 90 seconds. Our 90 second web content videos deliver a hook within eight seconds to catch your prospect’s attention, then we deliver the promise and the solution just before the research shows that viewer engagement has a major drop-off. How’s that for ROI?

Web Video Production and Delivering on Your SEO

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 90 second explainer video is worth approximately 2,160,000 words. What a mouthful. And search engines love words. Especially the right ones. So, if you can deliver concise content in under two minutes in an engaging format, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? If you have a message that you really want to deliver, or you think your company is suffering from lack of brand recognition, then web video could be just the right tool to boost your business and drive more sales. If you have more to add to this conversation, leave a comment below! And if you want to know more about 90 second web video marketing from Marketers for Movers, contact us.