Time to Update Windows Computers After Malware Attack

Windows issued a security patch March 14, 2017 which would have prevented this attack on any computer. If all of your computers are running Windows 10, they were not vulnerable, but we know from working with dozens of moving companies that many of you have computers running Windows 8, Windows XL, Windows Vista, etc. These were attacked and must be updated immediately. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THIS RELEASE FROM MICROSOFT TO UPDATE YOUR COMPUTERS: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010.

“The malware believed to be behind the attacks encrypts data on infected computers and essentially holds it for ransom, demanding money from users in return for their files. Known as WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor, the so-called ransomware program homes in on vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows systems,” according to an article from the Wall Street Journal. We wrote to many of you warning of more and more ransomware attacks over a year ago, as our cyber expert, Bryan Seely had predicted. He and other experts are warning that more, less-vulnerable malware is likely to be released this coming week. Update vulnerable computers now.