Tips For Advertising For Drivers/Crew

The problem is universal, all movers are experiencing a vanishing labor pool for Drivers as well as Crew.  Now with a new round of stimulus checks, the problem will only be exacerbated. 



  1. FACEBOOK: May get lots of interest, but nobody shows up. We hear this from moving client after moving client.  Since this is expensive, go elsewhere.
  2. GOOGLE ADWORDS: Since this is best for someone searching for one of these jobs, this is not the place to be. They probably are not looking.
  3. CRAIGSLIST: It’s only $5/day to advertise, but it is FULL of listings. You will need a compelling offer to get applications here.
  4. INDEED: Again, pages and pages of listings. Without a compelling offer (lots of money, signing bonus) your offer will not stand out.



Free Moving Leads

  1. FACEBOOK FORUMS: Join some of these and see if you can slowly “make friends”. If you solicit right off the bat you might be banned.
  2. REFERRALS: Ask your current staff to get you new employees. Bonus them big time  for  it.
  3. GIFT TO SHOW UP FOR INTERVIEW: A “goody bag” is a definite perk. With so many movers hiring, you need to do something different.


OUR RECOMMENDATION:  Finding people who want to work is even more of a challenge today than ever before. Offer free food. Free soda pop.  Free Monster. We do it all. That’s  what it takes today to keep good people. Lots of APPRECIATION!


Onward and upward!


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