What’s in your sales pipeline?  How many leads that is?  If it’s few, you’re probably cutting deals.  If it’s pretty full, you’re walking.  And you know what happens when they see you walking…they want you that much more! 

So how do you create a full pipeline?  Here are some steps:

  1. MULTIPLE CHANNELS FOR LEADS: Too many owners…large operators, as well as small…outsource their sales department by only buying moving leads from aggregators.  This may provide confidence in the short term, but the conversions on these leads are generally only around 3 % from sources we talk to.
  2. REFERRALS: Are you calling on local realtors?  How about senior retirement centers?  These are great sources of referrals.  You can set up pages on your website by Realtor that can only be accessed by knowing the URL.  That way you can spotlight the agents and have them see some benefits that they’ll get from a partnership with your moving company…all without their competitors knowing.
  3. GOOGLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: If you’ve been reading our SEO Facts on a regular basis you know how valuable we believe Customer Reviews are.  In fact, they are mandatory.  We set up a special API for our moving clients to get these reviews.  Your webmaster can do that for your site too.
  4. WEBSITE LEADS: We have been getting moving companies leads on their websites since 2010.  We know that this is a fantastic and low-cost way of getting leads.  Plus they convert in the 30–50% range.  And, even better, the leads just seem to increase year after year.  You know what they say:  THE RICH GET RICHER!!!

Don’t miss out on more leads.  Follow the steps above to increased leads, and a fuller pipeline.  Is all of this easy?  No!  But is it the way forward?  Absolutely!


Onward and upward!


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