Two Common Website SEO Mistakes

What are these SEO mistakes that so many make on their websites?

  1. All stock images
  2. Google reviews that are dated or lacking entirely.

This is not new news if you are a regular reader of this email newsletter. We have said it before, and we still see it on so many, many sites.  

This is something that Google has commented on and been clear about:

  1. STOCK IMAGES: Your site will not be downgraded in their search rankings but it won’t be promoted either. Google is not opposed to stock images, per se. They just see that they lack engagement and therefore hurt the site’s ranking.
  2. GOOGLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: We know that these are sometimes difficult to get because your customer has to have a gmail account to leave one. However, they are huge for your moving company’s credibility and, hence, lead to better rankings in Google. To leave a review on Google the reviewer must have a gmail account profile set up. This eliminates most of the “astroturfing” you see on Yelp and other review sites that are full of self-serving spam. Google recognizes this.

All of your leads from your website begin with traffic, and you can’t get traffic without being on Page One of Google for some set of keyword phrases. These two items are pretty simple fixes.

Onward and upward!

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