You may be among the millions of people who own an Amazon Alexa, a Google Assistant or other “smart speaker”. I say millions because Amazon sold 65 million Alexas in 2021 alone and Google has sold over 52 million Home Assistants since their inception. Big numbers that can’t be ignored. Here’s how you should react:

  1. VOICE SEARCH IS HERE TO STAY:  Your website needs to be found in as many voice searches as possible.
  2. GETTING FOUND BY VOICE:  This will require your SEO consultant or webmaster to implement.
  3. VOICE SEARCH REQUIRES SCHEMA CODING:  The search engines are all members of Schema.Org. This is where your webmaster will find the coding necessary to set your website up for Voice Search.
  4. VARIOUS SCHEMA CATEGORIES TO SELECT:  Here your strategy comes into play. It will depend on the contents of your site as to how you proceed.
  5. SCHEMA CODE DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SITE GETS FOUND:  As with all search engines, they decide what site gets “returned” for each search.
  6. “TO CODE OR NOT TO CODE?”:  You can’t run the race if you don’t have the horses, so get in the race, and set your site up for Voice Search to compete.

As the search engines and their attendant devices keep proliferating it is incumbent on you to keep up. Moving & Storage is a zero-sum game. Winner takes all. You have got to win!

Onward and upward!

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