All the answers to your website’s performance are in the data from Google Analytics (GA). Make sure it’s installed on your site. It’s free. Be sure to review it at least monthly and check for these important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):


  1. CONTENT. If your content does not match “user intent” your site will not rank. Take a look at these content writing guidelines from Google.
  2. CONTENT STRATEGY IS THE CENTER OF SEO. Does your content solve your prospects problem? You’ll be able to easily find this info in GA by looking up how many pages they view on your site. If they bounce right off, the site is not performing.
  3. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY. Most moving company prospects are on a short journey from Awareness to Form Completion/Phone Call to Purchase. Your site must be designed to get them the answers they want and easily.
  4. SEO TYPICALLY HAS THE BEST CONVERSION RATE OF ALL LEAD SOURCES. Use GA to see if this is true for your website. If not, you’re in the minority.
SEO just seems to be getting more and more conversions, website after website. If you’re still buying leads and winging it, you’ll probably continue to see your business scrap for leads. The smart money is going toward optimizing websites. It’s a little expensive upfront, but cheaper in the long run. Not only do you get more leads for free, but you are not dependent on a third-party for your survival.


Onward and upward!


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