ANSWER: To get his ranking up!
How about you? How about your site? As we head into the off season, how are you going to get sales leads to keep your business running strong?
  • Buy moving leads? (Pretty much now converting at only 3%.)
  • Buy AdWords? (Can work well if written aggressively. Still stop running as soons as your credit card stops paying per click.)
  • Buy Google Guaranteed? (Not much flexibility here. You pay $30-45/call whether you can take the move or not.)
  • Create your own leads from your website? The best conversion rate by far. Cheapest in the long run, but involves investment upfront which scares off many.
Most of you are having an outstanding summer selling season, and coupled with the PPP program and SBA loans and grants, you have money to work with. So now is the time to start your SEO plan.
We all know the results of optimizing a website are slow in most cases to begin with. If they weren’t, everyone would do it right away. However, if you want to get high-converting leads, you will have to bite the bullet and order up an SEO continuing program. They cost around $1,000–$2,000/mo depending on market size and how many sites you need for your business. Most of your competitors on Page One of Google are paying from $2,000–$5000/mo.
Once you start to experience all the leads you’ll get week after week…FOR FREE…they’ll be no looking back. Search “moving leads sales generation companies” and take a look at your choices and compare. Whoever you choose to go with, do it now. Be prepared for the off-season.
Onward and upward!