Why Does A Moving Company Need A Website?

Sales and revenue. That’s it… simply to stay alive. How do I know? We’ve been building websites for movers for over seven years. That qualifies us as experts in building moving and storage websites. That’s important because knowing how people are going to move think, helps us build a site that works better. Better in what way? Better in getting the prospective moving customer to fill out a form to get an in-home quote for their move.

Now, with the research showing that 94% of all Americans consult a search engine before they buy a product or service, your moving company has to be somewhere on the internet where a buyer can find you.

In addition, people who are searching keywords like “moving companies” aren’t doing it to waste their time; they are doing it because they are in the market to buy moving services. This is like everyone who is interested in moving meeting on a certain corner in your town looking for advice. You would sure want to be there, wouldn’t you? Well, being on Page One of Google is the same thing. When people research “movers” or “moving companies” or “local movers,” you’re going to want to make sure that your site is listed.

It’s not always easy, but it’s generally doable. Here’s how:

The Goal

The goal is getting the moving job. How do you get the job? You need to get into the prospective customer’s home. If you or your salesperson can meet with the prospect face-to-face, you have a much better opportunity to close the sale before they shop around. In building the website, we want to design it so the form is completed before the prospect leaves the website, even if it’s just for an online quote. You want the opportunity to quote the moving job.

Getting To The Goal

Having a winning website that is collecting sales leads every day is pure “money in the bank.” It’s reality. Our clients are doing it every single day. Does it happen overnight? Of course not. To get to Page One of Google you must leapfrog over all of the websites in front of your site. It’s no easy task, but we can do it — not for every keyword phrase, but enough to fill your in-box with leads for your salespeople.

No matter the size of your market and no matter the size of your operation, we will show you how to begin to get leads on your website. It’s a combination of about 20 different elements… all of which are valuable in getting your site ranked by Google. Since Google handles 63% of all searches in the U.S., they are all that really matters.

Sound Impossible For You?

I understand that this isn’t the first article you’ve read about getting leads with your website. I’m sure that you’re solicited daily by people and firms from the U.S. and abroad. Many may be legitimately qualified. The important thing is knowing enough to properly vet these solicitors and know that you’re getting a good deal from a reputable operation. After all, you are entrusting your most valuable asset, your website, to them. That’s a huge leap of faith.


So, now is the time to take stock of your site’s performance. How many leads are you getting? What is the ratio of “form completions” to those visitors who viewed the Get Quote page? This is where we will start on our next blog.