The four over-the-road drivers who were all honored as “Driver of The Year” at the Annual Awards Gala at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in early March, which honored drivers from Wheaton, Bekins, Stevens and Arpin Worldwide Van Lines, all received standing ovations.  All had well-prepared acceptance speeches to present, and all felt the love of the 200+ in attendance.

Is this a big surprise?  Probably not.  Especially if you have been in the business for a while, but they certainly don’t get the recognition that they deserve on the marketing side of things.  

I remember last November when Matt Paxton, former host of “Hoarders” on PBS, spoke at the Wheaton Nashville convention; he said that he thought the driver…here the one showing up at the home to orchestrate the move…was the most important cog in the wheel.

So the votes are in…let’s do more to talk about our drivers in marketing and on the website.  They all seem to be loyal, committed, customer-focused and down to earth.  I realize that we all have hiring problems, but where possible, let’s begin to focus on your drivers.

Onward and Upward!

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