We are kind of an “early warning system” for the Moving & Storage business as we’re most fortunate to have so many clients around the country and we’ve been getting leads for moving companies since Ed Melton hired us at Stevens Worldwide back in 2010.  That provides us a vision that few in the industry have…and we’re honest.  

Too many people puff and boast and stretch the truth.  The truth is: It’s quiet out there.  Many markets are slow, slow, slow.  Slowest in a decade.


  1. FEW HOMES FOR SALE:  We don’t have a client anywhere in the country that doesn’t tell us the same thing.  No supply of homes.  Who’s hiring a mover if they don’t need to move.
  2. THE “GOLD RUSH” OF PANDEMIC MOVING IS OVER:  Sure people died in the millions.  Sure it was awful.  However, we were spared as our industry was declared “essential” and we were able to keep our doors open…and open they were.  Most of you couldn’t keep up.
  3. POORLY POSITIONED MOVING COMPANIES DID WELL THE PAST TWO PANDEMIC YEARS:  Even the moving company that had no marketing or sales initiative did well as the companies on pages 1, 2 and 3 of Google were already booked up and the overflow kept going to the guys who rarely saw leads from the web.  Those days are over!
  4. MOVING COMPANIES ARE SCRAMBLING FOR BUSINESS:  Can’t give the particulars as that wouldn’t be fair to our clients or the prospects we are talking to, but it’s slow and many are working hard to turn their own situation around.

WHAT TO DO:  Marketing is not the push of a button.  It’s a long-term proposition.  Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade to get into the prime position they are in today.  But if you’re slow and need leads NOW, consider Google AdWords, Google Guaranteed, Google My Business, moving postcards, blogging, and moving directories.  There is no quick fix, but just know that you’re not alone. 

Onward and Upward!