Your Ultimate Guide to Moving Company Keywords (2022)

Quick Read

Your goal should not be about getting “traffic” but getting “relevant traffic” to your website. Any business today aims to be on Google page number 1 when searching for their services. Here is where a good SEO strategy comes into action. 

SEO makes your website more visible to your potential customer, which means more relevant traffic and more opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

To create a good SEO strategy, first, you should thoroughly study your market and do in-depth keyword research. The keywords communicate with search engines and tell about the content on your website. 

“Keywords” in simple terms are the words visitors enter into a search engine to find information that they are looking for. For example, “moving companies near me,” “local movers,” “moving checklist,” and many more.

In short, if you want to rank higher in Google search results, provide information that is relevant to your target audience. Understand your audience’s search intent to provide information that they are looking for. 

Once you have optimized your website with the best keywords, you will increase your chances of bringing in leads and potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO makes your website accessible to your target customers by helping your website show up at the top of Google’s search results. 

Choosing the right moving company keywords will help your SEO strategy overall. It can be challenging to decide which keyword is best for your website content. Understand the search intent of your potential customers to find relevant keywords.  

It is crucial to choose keywords used by most of your potential customers. It would be best if you showed up at the top of search results when they search for the services you offer.

Tip: Select keywords based on your services to help boost your website’s ranking on Google.  

What are Keywords? 

In simple words, keywords are what someone enters into a Google search when they are looking for something. For example, “hire a moving company,” “moving companies near me,” “long-distance moving.”

When someone enters a keyword such as “moving services near me” into Google, it provides results based on their algorithm’s relevance. Therefore, you want to ensure that you show up when someone enters that keyword. 

Types of Keywords

  • There are three types of keywords:
  • Short-Tail Keywords (generic keywords)
  • Mid-Tail Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords

Short-Tail Keywords: They are known as generic keywords and are the most popular, broadly searched terms with a high volume of search traffic. They are usually one or two words and are very competitive to rank for. 

Example: moving services  

Mid-Tail keywords: They fall between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. These terms are usually two to three words. They are a little more descriptive than short-tail keywords.

Example: local moving services

Long-Tail Keywords: They are the most extended search terms and are targeted to a specific topic or audience. They typically have low search traffic and less competition. These keywords generally have higher conversion rates than short-tail and mid-tail keywords.

Example: local moving services for seniors

All these keywords have their unique strength that can multiply your SEO efforts when used in different situations.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent is the purpose of an online search by the visitor. It is the reason why someone conducts a specific search. Most of the time, they are looking for answers, buying something, or simply looking for a website. But, it could be anything. 

There are many intentions that someone has when searching a particular keyword. Google ranks pages based on their relevance to the searched keyword and the search intent. That’s why you need to ensure that your page or post fits your audience’s searched keyword and search intent.

Types of Search Intent 

There are many types of search intent. We have shortlisted the four most commonly searched intents:

  • Transactional Intent
  • Commercial Intent
  • Informational Intent
  • Navigational Intent

Transactional Intent: People with this intent already know what they want to buy. They want to compare a few prices before making a purchase. For example, they are looking for a “piano mover.” They know what they want to buy, but are interested in a better deal, so they want to get to that product or service page right away. 

Commercial Intent: This intent is also known as commercial investigation. People of this intent are looking to make a purchase shortly but wish to study the market first. For example, which moving company is better for local moves? Which services are included in a full-service move? People with these intentions have transactional intent but need more time and convincing. 

Informational Intent: Lots of people search for information on the internet. This could be information about the weather, ways to move a sofa, local moving tips, how to reassemble a dresser, and much more. People with an informational intent are usually looking for answers to a specific question or want to know more about a particular topic. 

Navigational Intent: People who search for a specific website are usually on their way to the website. For example, if they search for Nike, they intend to go to Nike. Therefore, make sure that your website appears when someone searches for your company’s name. 

Looking at the intent behind what people are searching for is the best way to start picking out what keywords stand out in those areas for moving companies and what moving services you offer.

Best Moving Company Keywords

How to choose the best moving company keywords for your website? Here are some essential keywords to start with could include:

  • [Your City] Movers
  • [Your City] Moving Company
  • [Your City] Local Movers
  • [Your City] Long-Distance Movers
  • Moving Companies
  • Movers
  • Moving and Storage Services

These keywords are great for your main pages like your homepage, local movers page, and long-distance movers page. Following are a few keywords for individual pages for each of your services, optimizing those similarly to your main pages.

Keywords for specialized service pages could include:

  • Specialty Movers
  • Office Movers
  • Celebrity Movers
  • Packing and Unpacking Services

You can also use SEMrush or Ahrefs for in-depth keyword research. Compare all the keywords and select the ones that will help your website rank higher on Google. 

The digital marketing world is highly competitive, so you have to up your game and find ways to stand out. Many people offer similar products and services, so try to use keywords more efficiently and create robust SEO strategies. 


Keywords may not be the main element of an overall digital marketing strategy but affect your website’s ranking on Google. Google crawls the web by reading the content and ranking it by relevance. 

Using the right keywords will help to increase the relevance of your content. As a result, your website will eventually rank on Google when potential customers search for your services. 

SEO for moving companies is key to putting you above your competitors in the moving industry.