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Online Lead Generation Sales Package

Package Overview

Using offers on website to interest visitors to request information (lists, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, free whatevers) and then capture their name and email so a multi-week email campaign, and other initiatives, can remind them of your company and its services.

Package Details

  • Step One: Create a Ton of Content.
    This gets prospects into the Top of the Sales Funnel and shows them how services like yours could help.
  • Step Two: Keep Them with You.
    If they stay with you we can show them case studies, whitepapers, Top 10 Lists, and then start to send the engaged prospects to Sales.
  • Step Three: Qualify Expectations.
    Sales may initially get fewer leads, but more qualified leads. Trying to get from quantity to quality is where modern marketing is going.
  • Step Four: Stop Marketing to Prospects Who Will Never Buy.
    It wastes too much time and money. Keep it all relevant. Mass Media and cold-calling aren’t targeted enough.
  • Step Five: Track Customer’s Interactions Deep into the Funnel.
    Our programs now provide for this. We plant a cookie, track the customer and stay in touch. We can remarket until they buy, or tell us to stop.
  • Rest the Sales Staff.
    Now the customers are coming to them... looking to buy.

Analytics and Metrics

This package has both so we’ll be able to see some “meta-data” about the prospect, “score” them and stay in touch with the ones we want to nurture. Our tactics include both “inbound and outbound” strategies that will depend on your business and its needs. Since we are tracking everything, we will be able to provide you with a better insight into your sales program and make more insightful recommendations on how to proceed moving forward.


Month to month after six month trial.


$3000/month stand-alone

$1000/month with SEO Package