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Google Ads Defined

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As a full-service digital marketing agency built specifically for movers, we want to promote your moving company every step of the way. That includes using Google Ads! It can be tough to understand all of the many services Google offers in detail, but our team of experts is dedicated to knowing the ins-and-outs of every Google Ad.

Some of the services of Google Ads that we create and develop include:

  • Google Text Search Ads: Formerly known as AdWords, these appear at the top of the search page and look exactly like a normal search result but with an “Ad” icon.
  • Google Display Ads: These are image ads that can be found as banners and various sized boxes on sites throughout the internet. Google uses a special algorithm to determine who should see which advertisement, ensuring that your Google Display Ads are served to a specific audience.
  • Google Remarketing: This is a way that Google offers you to continue to advertise to prospects who have visited your site. When using Google Display Ads, you can specifically target people who have interacted with your website before.
  • Google Local Services Ads: This is a new offering from Google that is designed to permit a prospect to phone your company directly bypassing your website. They appear at the very top of the search results page, even before the Google Text Search Ads and only on keywords you buy.

Google is huge, to put it lightly. They’re an ever-growing and ever-changing company. It can be hard to keep up with what services they offer for your moving company. But everyone uses Google, in fact, there are a total of 5 billion searches made every day on the search engine, so you have to do everything you can to keep up and pull ahead, or else you’ll fail to reach your customers.

Helping your company’s online authority means that we often deal with Google. We have to work with and around the rules and services that Google set up. Here are just a few of the offerings available that we use to help your moving company raise awareness, engagements, and sales.

Google Search Ads, Formally Known as AdWords

The most well-known of the different forms of Google Text Search Ads is now simply known as just Google Ads, after years as Google AdWords. Using this will put your website listing right on the top of the first page for related keywords results.

We’ve all used Google, so we’ve all seen the results at the top of the page with the “Ad” icon next to them. Other than that small icon, they appear exactly the same as every other search result on the page. This is by design. It gets your website on page one when you are not able to reach there organically.

When looking into an unfamiliar topic, people often turn to Google. Since people only move an average of every ten years now, it’s understandable that they would be unfamiliar with local moving companies and rely on Google to do their research.

By using Google Ads, you pay to directly be put on the first page. This means more eyeballs on your brand, more clicks to your site, and more quote forms filled.

Google Display Ads

If you’re interested in getting awareness for your company rather than wait for a search result, Google Display Ads is the answer.

Google Display Ads are the banners you see on the sides and tops of almost every website on the internet. When you submit your design to Google, they’ll put it on something called the Google Display Network. Google then chooses ads to play on sites that are matching the keywords you have chosen to advertise to prospects for or just the geographical area your customers are in.

As the Ads Manager, we also have the ability to change who sees your Google Display Ad. Specifically, you can set it so people who have viewed specific websites will be targeted.

Google Remarketing

Making a decision on a moving company may not be a simple choice so reminding prospects of your business over a 7-10 day period might be advantageous. It’s understandable that during the whirlwind of research that people go through to find the right mover, they may have clicked on your site just to leave and may have forgotten they were ever there.

But that potential client isn’t lost just yet!

Using Google Remarketing allows you to specifically re-target people who have previously interacted with your website.

While advertisements are normally targeted at a demographic of people that the advertiser believes would like their product or service, Google Remarketing is able to directly target people who have shown their interest. With Google Remarketing, you can continue to show your advertisements to the right people.

Google Local Services Ads and Google Guaranteed

The newest service offered to moving companies, Google Local Services Ads, help connect searchers immediately by phone to your sales team. This is on-the-spot lead generation without the prospect ever seeing your website. You are billed by the call. Typically about $30-$45 per call. You must apply and qualify for this service

You will then become Google Guaranteed and get a badge on your Google profile to give your moving company more credibility. Allowing someone to move all of their valuable items from one home to another requires a lot of trust. Having something like the Google Guaranteed badge will give potential customers immediate peace-of-mind. All you have to do is pass a screening and qualification process from Local Services.

This is a very low-risk form of local advertisement, as you only pay when customers use your Local Service Ad to get in touch with you. You want to be there for people moving in your area, and Google Local Services Ads are designed to ensure that you’re always just a click away.

Let Marketers for Movers Manage Your Google Ads

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for moving companies to meet their digital marketing needs. We are built to handle your SEO search rankings, website building, social media, videos, and Google Ads! While all of these forms of advertising with Google may seem complex, our team of experts will use them effectively so you can focus on converting all of your new leads.

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