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Do you have a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website to attract customers? Once you’ve created and launched your website, that’s only part of the battle. After the last code is written and final graphic tweaked, your website still needs a place to live. That’s where web hosting comes in. Web hosting is essential in this day and age to maintain a flourishing business. At Marketers For Movers, we use secure servers to create and maintain your website. Although we offer different tiered web hosting services, each account will be maintained with the same discretion and care.

If you’re unfamiliar with the purpose of web hosting, here it is simplified: Every website needs a domain name and hosting site to keep it running for the public. In this scenario, think of your domain name as a street address and the page as the house that all your content lives in. While it is possible to provide your own web hosting services, the stress and time that comes with monitoring your site and server may not be worth the hassle. That’s where Marketers For Movers comes in: we provide your website a new home and monitor all traffic that visits the address. We also handle IT issues in-house, so you won’t have to make panicked calls to your server company when there’s suddenly an issue. The web hosting services offered by Marketers For Movers are a great fit for any company looking to securely provide a home for their website.

Marketers For Movers Web Hosting Services

Not only are we the top marketing company for movers, but we provide top-notch web hosting services to our moving clients. Your website will be cloud-hosted on its own server by a dedicated IT team with exceptional customer service. Here are just a few of the top-notch benefits of website hosting with Marketers For Movers:

  • Regularly-scheduled security scans
  • Server security changes
  • IP blacklisting of unauthorized log-in attempts
  • Up to 5 email accounts at no extra charge
  • Cloud-based information storage
  • IT support

Web Hosting for Movers

When it comes to web hosting, a good defense is the best offense. Sensitive information is plucked from internet users every day. Because tools implemented by hackers are constantly evolving, you need a dedicated team of IT experts that stays on top of the latest technology. Our dedication to you as a customer is what sets us apart from the rest of the other web hosting companies out there. Not only is Marketers for Movers the leading marketing firm for movers, but we have an in-house IT team for any issues. Our customer service is unparalleled; we will answer your calls and emails!

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  • What is web hosting? Just like you need a house to live in, your website needs a place to stay. Consider wherever your website is hosted as your site’s house.
  • What’s the difference between web hosting and domain? Back to the house metaphor: the domain is the “street address” for your website, and hosting is the house your site lives in. In more technical terms, a domain (yourcompanyname.com) is the location of your site, and hosting is the space where your site’s content is stored.
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