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Moving Company Ads

There are many ways to advertise for a business that is in the moving industry. But which one is ideal for you? Directing traffic to your moving company website is one way to get more sales. You might be asking yourself, “how am I going to do that?” Marketers For Movers wants to help you narrow down your options and direct you to the right marketing strategy for your company.

Your moving business is unique, so your marketing plans might be different than other moving companies. Researching your target audience is one beneficial way to learn about your potential customers. This will help by concentrating your campaign on those people. For example, you should classify whether you exclusively offer local services or if you operate beyond that.

Digital Advertising for Movers

Your target audience is “people looking for moving services.” Marketers For Movers can help you reach them. One way we can do that is with digital advertising, also known as PPC (pay per click) or digital marketing.

Digital advertising refers to any advertising that occurs online. This happens for moving companies by paying a platform to serve ads to the users in need of moving services. This will increase the number of people who see and click on the moving company website, therefore, creating more sales.

SEO for Movers

Another way that Marketers For Movers can help you reach your target audience is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO works by increasing website traffic without advertisements. This is instead done by Google telling its users that you are a company that provides the service they’re searching for. Like digital marketing, this will increase the visibility of your website and generate more sales.

SEO Versus Digital Marketing

Knowing if you want the benefits of online marketing with SEO and digital marketing depends on your wants and needs.

Both SEO and PPC work together in increasing the visibility of your moving company website, but they work even better when used together. Digital marketing is a way for moving companies to get more moving leads immediately. SEO marketing is more of a long-term investment in your company’s website. Using both will let you see results immediately versus when done organically; it can take a much longer time. They share data to optimize your site’s visibility and performance. This will help with your strategy against other competitors.

We Can Help You

Marketers For Movers can help accomplish this for your moving business. We do this by concentrating on five essential tactics:

  1. Detailed Keyword Research: It’s crucial to appear on the most important searches in your area. Marketers for Movers has been perfecting our lists full of the best moving company keywords in various markets since 2010.
  2. The Right Landing Pages: You want to direct users to the information they are looking for easily. Local moving, long-distance moving, storage services, etc., should be easy to find. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, you’re losing potential business.
  3. Budget Optimization: Our moving company PPC experts make recommendations based on your needs and the demands of your marketplace. Your moving business is unique, and we want to provide you with exactly what you need.
  4. Weekly Campaign Monitoring: Every week, our team reviews your campaign performance and makes necessary changes. This includes adjusting keyword bids, reallocating budget across campaigns, adding or pausing keywords and more.
  5. Monthly Reporting: Each month, you can schedule a video conference with your M4M account manager to discuss performance, strategy, budget and areas of improvement. We believe in total digital marketing transparency.

We know how to bring your website to its full potential. If you are uncertain about any of the above, we would be happy to answer all of your questions. Our contact information can be found below. Through our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and the moving industry, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

Where Are Digital Advertisements Available For My Moving Company?

Ads and sponsored content have significantly impacted the growth of all types of businesses. One Google search leads to another, Google ads happen, and then, next thing we know, they’re a customer of our business. This opportunity is available to Moving Company PPC on many well-known platforms. Those include:

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Messenger

Search Advertising

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Display Networks

  • Google Network
  • Facebook Network
  • Local News/Media
  • Taboola
  • Youtube


  • How do you come up with a digital marketing strategy for moving companies? We’ve been in business since 2010, so we already know what works for moving and storage companies. We will sit down with you and discuss your sales goals monthly. We offer advice, support and a full suite of services in digital advertising.
  • How long before I can expect to see results? Almost immediately. The beauty of paid digital advertising is you’ll begin receiving increased traffic to your website right away. We will review the data with you and advise on your next steps in digital advertising based on that data.

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You can reach us at (248) 385-5912 and info@marketersformovers.com, or you can fill out our contact form. Through our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and the moving industry, we want to help you!

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