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Using Pay-Per-Click advertising is key to getting customers to see your website immediately. You don’t just want to manage your PPC campaign using a cookie-cutter approach, but instead, tailor what we do to best fit what you need. In order to achieve this we focus on:

  • Keyword Research: Any PPC campaign will fail if it doesn’t target the right audience. For search engines, we use the latest technology to determine the best target keywords for you
  • Google Ads: Appearing on the front page of Google is key for any moving company. That’s how you get customers. Using Google Ads will put you at the top of the front page right away
  • Social Media: Another form of PPC can be found on social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These sites give you the ability to tailor your target audience so that your campaign doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

To get potential clients to view your website, trust us to handle your PPC campaigns to ensure views in the long-term and short-term. Give us a call at (248) 385-5912 to speak with us today!

PPC for Moving Companies

Our ultimate goal for your moving company is to get you organic clicks, having your website show up on the first page of Google because of SEO work and content, but that takes time. But your moving company does not have that kind of time to spare, if you need clients now and have no SEO in place. While we work on your site, optimizing it using Best Practices, we utilize PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising to get leads for your company in the meantime. This will lead to referrals, reviews, and most importantly; sales!

Our team has the expertise to manage a Google Ads campaign effectively for your moving company by using in-depth keyword research, as well as managing social media PPC campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have placed over $7,000,000 in Google Ads alone.

Keyword Research

Before we get started working on your PPC campaign, we do the research to make it effective. You can pay for all of the advertising you want, but if it doesn’t come up in the right place then it won’t be effective.

We use the latest tech to determine what the best keywords are for your company. Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into search engines. These search engines, such as Google, are a big part of PPC, so we make sure that we’re utilizing them properly.

There are four points to keep in mind when deciding on what keywords to use:

  1. Volume: People need to be searching for a keyword for it to be effective. If few people are looking a keyword up then it’s a waste of money to advertise using that keyword.
  2. Competition: While the concept of volume may tempt you to pursue the most searched phrases, the competition may prove that to not be effective. Competing with fewer companies may make your campaign more effective. There’s a balance that we strive to maintain during a PPC campaign between volume and competition.
  3. Relevance: If your company isn’t a match for the keyword then people will ignore your ad. It’s important to only advertise using keywords that precisely describe your business.
  4. Conversion Value: You don’t just want people clicking on your website, you want leads! That’s why we focus on keywords that will actually bring in customers, not just people who are curious about something.

Google Ads

People no longer search for moving companies in the Yellow Pages. They search for them on Google, specifically on the first page. In order to get customers, you need to be there.

Google search for movers

Using Google’s paid search service, known as Google Ads and formerly known as Google AdWords, you can launch your company right up to the top of the first page. Combining this service with the keyword research allows us to put your moving service at the top of search results that matter.

To use Google Ads, we make something called a “bid” to appear on a specific keyword. This bid is how much you’re willing to pay to advertise on that keyword. Google takes that bid into account along with the Quality Score of your ad, which is a measure of the relevance to the keyword itself, and determines which advertisers get to be shown and in what order.

Social Media

While search engines are certainly a popular form of PPC advertising, there are also options on social media. Using social media allows us to tailor the audience criteria as opposed to using targeted keywords.

Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook and LinkedIn are both very effective PPC campaign options. Their advertising setups allows us to use one of three different goals: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. While all three certainly are effective in different contexts, Consideration is the key for a PPC campaign. Using this means that we are aiming to get people to click your advertisement and go to your landing page.

Social media is huge. People spend over two hours a day on social media, according to Broadband Search, constantly seeing advertisements for other companies. If you don’t advertise, you risk the chance that your competitors will be the ones getting clicks.

Get Your PPC Campaign Started With Marketers for Movers

We aim to help your moving company grow every step of the way. That means combining our SEO practices that help you in the long term with PPC advertising that helps you in the short-term. As a full-service digital agency built specifically for movers, we not only offer SEO management and PPC Advertising but Video Marketing, web design, and a host of other offerings all designed to help your moving company grow.

Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are key places to advertise. Letting us handle your PPC campaign will ensure that it’s effective. Give us a call at (248) 385-5912 to get in touch with us and take your website to the top.

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