SEM for Moving Companies – Movers SEM 

“Leads Now” Package

Project Description:

Advertising on the Internet has never been more effective. Internet advertising is the fastest growing segment in advertising because...IT WORKS! For just a fraction of mass media your company can be reaching potential customers in any city you choose with any Daily Budget you choose. You can advertise all the time, or only certain days and certain times. SalesLeadGeneration.Agency will provide you with our proven strategies to increase your quality sales leads and help you track them so you’ll know your precise Return on Investment (ROI). Never before has so much information been available.

Paid Search and/or Digital Marketing

Site diagnostics Competitive analysis
Determine Campaign Categories Determine Geo-targeting
Determine price of keywords Manage keywords
Write ads for each ad group Install tracking phone number for all campaigns
Install Google Analytics Install conversion codes to measure sales
Supervise daily and monthly Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google Ads
Determine budgets per campaign Determine Ad Groups
Perform keyword research


Month to month. No long term contract. Cancel at the end of any month.


$550/month for first campaign, plus a commission of 3% on Google spend, i.e. if you spend $1000 in a month on Google, SalesLeadGeneration.Agency would change an additional $30 plus the $550 for the flat management fee for a total of $580 that month. Additional campaigns are $350/month each. A campaign is defined as an ad or series of ads taking the visitor to one landing page. So a campaign for “Long Distance Moving” may have any number of keywords and ads but all link to the same page on the mover’s website: Long Distance Moving.