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Social Media

Social media management is an essential element of your business growth strategy. Think of it as a virtual handshake. What do we mean? The key benefits of social media for moving companies are:

  • Direct engagement with prospects
  • Additional page rank authority for Google
  • Make your business memorable
  • Show off your expertise
  • Gather customer reviews

Why is Social Media Important for Business?

Social media is a great opportunity for your business to nurture prospects through education, engagement and entertainment. However, there are an incredible number of different social media platforms online today, and only certain platforms have serious potential benefits to offer your business.

We will help you choose the perfect platform for you, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Marketers For Movers will monitor your feed, nurture your profile, and create posts that will help generate leads for your moving company. In addition, our partner research shows that Google gives page rank authority to social channels when ranking your website in their search results.

Why Do I Need Social Media?

For a moving company, social media provides great opportunities for your company to display important information for your target market, which can lead them to your site. Posting great blogs, engaging photos, customer success stories, informative explainer videos will help establish you, and your business, as a thought leader in your industry and a source of educational resources for prospects.

This, in turn, will make your moving company memorable when it’s time for those prospects to plan their next move, potentially becoming a lead for you, and new business for your company. Nurturing your social media following can potentially be one of the best sources of moving leads online today.


  • What can social media for moving companies do? Think of social media as an added way to get the word out about your business. Many customers also search companies on social media before filling out an estimate form or calling, so it’s another way to maintain your business’s credibility. Social media gives customers a peek into the daily lives of movers. If you have an extra exciting move, take photos of your phone and post them. It gives customers an idea of what to expect when moving, and you can show off all the knowledge you have of moving.
  • Do I have to create all social media content and do social monitoring? Not at all. Your SEO package with us includes a set number of social media posts per month, plus we’ll monitor the social networks for you.
  • Do you do social media advertising? We do. See our Facebook Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing pages for more information.
  • What social media networks should movers be on? While it varies from mover to mover, we recommend Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business.
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