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Web Design for Moving Companies

Your website is a sales funnel for your moving company.

Your website is critical for generating quality moving leads.”

Moving company websites play a critical role in generating moving leads. If your website lacks the right look, feel and layout, you could be missing out on hundreds of potential leads. To grow your business, you need to establish your online presence, and having a beautiful website is at the center of achieving this.

Our expertise at Marketers for Movers lies in moving lead generation. In this case, setting visitors up for a wonderful and streamlined experience when they land on your website. As a digital marketing company, we are experts in online marketing and know the role a website plays in generating quality moving leads.

At Marketers for Movers, we stress the importance of having a well-developed website for your moving company. Take some time to review some of our references and tips for maximizing your company’s website. Our digital marketing experts have compiled references, insights and tips to help you learn about online marketing, web development and what you should expect and look for in a web design company:

Websites for Moving Companies

As a moving company, your overall goal for your website is to get moving leads. One of the best ways to do this is by creating an effective online experience for your potential customers. You need a website that will encourage them to fill out your contact or quote form.

At Marketers for Movers, our web design strategy is simple:

  1. Bottom-line: Generate quality moving leads.
  2. Lead the prospect through a “sales funnel” without them necessarily knowing it: Encourage potential customers to navigate on the website and eventually lead them into completing contact or quote forms.
  3. Capture the prospects information through contact or quote forms: Have customer’s complete contact and quote forms.
  4. Make the site engaging: Implemented through color, branding, easy navigation, the whole works.
  5. Display the important information first: Display exactly what the customer is looking for.
  6. Create a positive “user experience.”: We make your website memorable and build brand awareness!
  7. Develop with search engines in mind: We design in a way that’s authoritative for search engines.

Web Design Services for Movers

    • Website Layout: We build our websites with customer usability in mind. Our moving company website templates are proven to keep your potential customers on the page. We showcase your moving services through beautiful design and by putting the most important information first.
    • Contact/Quote Forms: With years of experience designing websites, we have found what it takes for a customer to commit to filling out a quote or contact form. Our contact and quote forms are simple. You will get all the information you need on the potential customer and the services they require.
    • Social Media Integration: We integrate all your social media accounts into your website. We link each of your social accounts, so the entire website is one cohesive sales funnel.
    • SEO: The websites we build are search engine optimized. We optimize moving company websites to rank higher on search engine results pages, including Google. We optimize for page load speed, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, bounce rates, etc.
    • Mobile-Friendly: We believe in mobile responsive web design. This means your website will not only be built to work and look great on desktop, but also smartphones, tablets and all other mobile devices.
  • Logo Design: We have professional graphic designers on-site who can redesign your company logo if need be. Our logo designs for moving companies are clean, memorable and will build brand recognition.

Our Website Design Company

At Marketers for Movers, we are a professional web design company that has created custom websites for moving companies all around the world.

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Our web developers and designers are proficient in multiple open source content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. We have extensive knowledge in website development and will continuously update your website based on current design trends and data.

YOU OWN EVERYTHING. As your web design agency, everything we build for your moving company’s website, is owned by you. We communicate with you in understanding your needs and ideas. You have the final say in all design changes or website updates.

We have been trusted to build websites for moving companies all around the world. View some of our past work that has helped our clients generate quality moving leads:



  • Do I need a web designer who is experienced with moving and storage websites? Moving and storage is a specialized industry. There are a lot of moving parts that go into making an excellent moving and storage website. It’s unfair to you and the inexperienced web designer to jump into designing a moving and storage site with no data or experience to back them up. Trust a professional with proven results at generating sales leads to get the job done.
  • What’s on the best moving company websites? An engaging, easy to use site is the best. Quality, relevant content that’s frequently updated is also the best. Our experience and data has shown that many customers visit the “About Us” page to learn more about the company before calling or submitting an estimate form.
  • How long does it take to build a moving company website? While each moving and storage company has its own unique needs and wants for their site, the timeline from initial meeting to launch may fluctuate. Our average timeline is about 6 weeks, but that may vary from site to site. We will continually update you on the progress.
  • What do you mean when you say I own everything? At Marketers for Movers, we work for YOU. You are the owner of your moving and storage company, so you should own your own website. We believe in transparent communication and once the project is complete, you will get full access and credentials. We don’t own the design and content; you do.

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