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No Contract SEO

A good SEO company is always monitoring changes in the industry. That’s why having a no contract SEO company is a good idea: trends change, and what works one month may not work the next month.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuing process, but it should not require a 12 month contract.

At Marketers for Movers, we understand that you need leads now — not in a couple of years. That’s why our SEO services are month-to-month: if you’re not seeing results and not getting leads, there is no binding contract to keep you saddled to us forever.

A company that provides search engine optimization services should be upfront with you on how they drive organic traffic to your site. That often includes frequently performing security scans on your site, rewriting pages for maximum optimization and analyzing keywords ranking to make sure your site is always at the top of an organic search.

We’ve been helping movers generate leads through their website since 2010, and we’ve found that no contract SEO services work well for our clients. We’re focused on providing the best SEO services to our clients and we work daily to earn our clients’ trust.

Search Engine Optimization – No Contract, No Hidden Fees

So it goes without saying that you will want to hire an SEO agency that can accomplish the job for you with proven strategies and flexible options. No agency can promise you Page One. If they do, don’t trust them. That should be a red flag. Only Google determines the websites being returned for searches on Page One and it examines thousands of pieces of data instantaneously to do so. There are shortcuts in getting a site to Page One for certain searches, but nobody can promise Page One except Google… and that’s accomplished by buying their AdWords. See our Digital Advertising page for more information on paid search options we offer.

Why “No Contract” SEO Works Best

Today, most business is done subscription-based–think Netflix or Amazon Prime. Why should your SEO services be any different?

This type of business model works best for both the client and the provider. You know you’re getting the best service possible from a month-to-month model, and the provider is working extra hard to keep you on as a loyal customer for the next month.

Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing an SEO company:

  1. SEO strategy can be complicated, leading to misunderstandings.

    It is important to let your SEO agency determine the strategy and implement it. You have hired them. Let them work. If, however, you are not seeing progress, you don’t want to be tied into an annual contract.

  2. SEO takes 4–6 months to begin to show progress.

    Hopefully you will see progress in that amount of time somewhere on your site. If you don’t, you may want to find someone else and a contract will prevent this.

  3. A “no contract” SEO agency has urgency.

    This is a constant complaint by clients of SEO companies. No urgency. If this happens to you, you’ll need the flexibility to take action.

  4. You won’t be a victim of “overpromising.”

    Few agencies have been in business long enough to have a proven track record that you can trust. If your agency has overpromised, you may want out.

  5. Staff talent and experience.

    “No contract” agencies are confident they can deliver results. Any agency is only as good as its people. Who are they and how long have they been there?

  6. SEO writing is done in-house.

    It is not uncommon to outsource much of this work. If that is okay with you, then great. But having access to the people who are working on your site gives you confidence in the results.

  7. No hidden fees.

    Contracts are notorious for obscuring the realities of what you’re getting. A “no contract” agency will be up-front with their services and the scope of their work.

How Do I Get Out of a Bad SEO Contract?

If you signed into a long-term SEO contract, then cancelling may be difficult. There are SEO companies that keep your content, passwords and accounts hostage when you want to leave mid-contract. It may be a good idea to keep your current SEO firm until your contract expires while looking for a new agency.

Avoid breaking your contract by following these steps:

  1. Reread your contract with your SEO company and look for clauses or short comings the company hasn’t delivered on. If you discover a loophole, use it to your advantage. Make sure you own your site.
  2. Have a meeting. Getting your grievances out in the open lets your agency know that the pressure is on for results.
  3. Ask for an SEO report. This will help you ask about the history and what has not worked in the past. Get details and explanation of prior actions.
  4. Request an SEO strategy. Engaging with them about a strategy will show allegiance and trust if you decide to continue your relationship if you see improvements. If you do not see improvements developing a marketing strategy in this manner, it will give you grounds to leave your SEO firm if they continue to underperform.
  5. Ask for credentials and account passwords. If you are still considering leaving, this is a great way to make sure that you have a more seamless transition between your current and next marketing firm.

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