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Using a combination of best practices and proven strategy, we can help improve your ranking and grow your business by:

  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Increasing warm leads from the internet
  • Improving name recognition


We’re the preferred SEO service provider for moving companies because:

  • We’ve been SEO consultants to the moving & storage industry since 2010
  • We’re the first “all-moving” SEO agency in the United States
  • We have a proven and trusted SEO strategy specifically for moving companies


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Over 95% of people search for local businesses online. This makes competing on search engines with national moving companies tough for local movers. Search engine optimization can be a crucial step for local moving companies to get a leg up in their regional market. Let our expert SEO team boost your business!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization for moving companies helps your business get ahead of competitors by outranking them in online searches. This can be achieved in a number of ways however, the benefits to your company are:

  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Increasing warm leads from the internet
  • Creating name recognition

When optimizing a local movers site, we carefully comb through the existing site, competitors’ sites and develop a strategy to be successful. Working together, we help your moving company gain the traction needed to reap the above benefits that come with positive SEO efforts.

Making Search Work for Movers

The first hurdle to any great marketing plan is understanding how the system works. While SEO strategy is constantly in flux, due to the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms, staying on top of these updates is crucial.

On-Page: This term refers to the content on the site. Your page needs to have unique, high-quality content on the site to rank well across search engines.

Technical: The way your site is coded, linked and indexed affects how it is ranked and displayed. Following best practices will help to enhance your organic presence so it can easily be found. This is especially important with Google now, which is why we offer core web vitals management.

Off-Page: These elements can include reviews and other trustworthy and authoritative backlinks to your website. Getting consistent and highly rated reviews will help push your site to the top. 

Why focus on SEO efforts for a moving company? Regardless of the vertical, anyone with a business in this competitive marketplace should have a website, and the best way to ensure you’re being seen and shown to the surrounding area is to follow our best practices that work to rank high.

Moving Companies Need SEO

Using reliable SEO strategies that keep long-term growth at the forefront is important to any business. Moving companies thrive on timeliness, dependability and reviews. If a potential customer is shown three companies; yours, a national brand and a local competitor, you want to stand out above the rest.

By keeping current, with reviews, your website content and social media, you’re showing the best side of your company to potential customers. Then combining that with optimization techniques, you can bet that customers will flow in because they’re seeing you first and can get all the critical information they need right then and there.

When you’re using an efficient marketing strategy, combined with local SEO, you’ll boost your website traffic through organic searches. This helps you climb the result pages so you rank higher than other businesses, big or small, in the moving industry.

Why Use Us?

When you use the industry’s first and highest-ranked SEO company, Marketers for Movers, you can be sure that no matter how big or small your business is, we will do everything to get your site seen in search results. 

We utilize a variety of software to analyze and optimize your website and then go over the analysis with you. Using the best practices established by Google, we can help raise your rankings to provide you with a constant incoming stream of free leads for you to close. 

You get:

  • Competitive Analysis: See how you rank against your competition
  • Site Structure & Code: Our on-site developers will comb through and fix any technical errors. This includes helping increase website speed.
  • New Content & Optimization: Consistent updates and relevant content helps you gain traction as the market changes
  • Geo-target: You want people in your local area to find, and use, your company
  • Tracking & Reporting: Understand your reports and how you’re doing each month with comprehensive analytics

Making the choice to enhance your online presence can be daunting. Let the specialists at Marketers for Movers help you. Our team will provide you with one point of contact that will work with each specialist to optimize your content, design and social media. Each month your account associate will contact you through a monthly video call to discuss what the next steps are to keep your site climbing the rankings and rank as close to page one as possible.

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