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Page Rank Package

Project Description 

Creating a website in and of itself is not going to get you traffic and engage prospects/customers.  In order to do that your website needs to be returned by Google (it has 64% of all U.S. search traffic) on Page One.  Recent research says 91% of all users do not search beyond Page One.  How do you get to Page One?  Please consult our list below and our Best Practices page attached.  Our years of experience as an advertising agency allow us to not only help optimize your website, but to provide you with quality sales leads.

Website Optimization and Design Projects

Optimize & create text pagesPhoto & video boxes and/or pages
Product/service category optimizationDevelop content and post to site
Upload Blog postsLink building
Title tag review and optimizationWrite and upload new pages to site for ads
Keyword Research  Create Social Media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) and ongoing consultation
Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools reportingOn-page/site SEO recommendations
Hands-on SEO changes to site/pagesMonthly meetings on strategy & tactics for improved page rank
Design site to lead visitor from entry to conversion producing a sales lead


Month to month.  Can cancel at end of any month.  Rate moves to $1950/month in each category after trial period.


$975/month per site for first three months.  Regular rate of $1950/month thereafter.

Search Engine Optimization

Best Practices

As part of its monthly management fee SalesLeadGeneration.Agency will perform the following services as agreed upon with the client on a month to month basis:

Url Structure

  • Canonical URL Tag
  • Descriptive URL
  • Hyphenating URL
  • Sub Domains and Subfolders
  • URL Parameters
  • WWW. Accessible Only
  • Page Index Redirect

Keyword Research

  • Single Keyword
  • Keyword in URLs
  • Keyword in Titles
  • Keyword in Headers
  • Keyword in Content
  • Create SERP Scan

Content Generation

  • Unique Value
  • Content Type
  • Crawlable
  • Fresh
  • Content Length
  • Target Market

Title Tags Insertion

  • Location of Important Keywords
  • Where to put Company Name
  • Type of Language
  • Definition of Company
  • Which Keywords to Use

Header Tags

  • Comprehensive to Search Engine
  • Comprehensive to User

Meta Tags Insertion

  • Meta Length
  • Descriptive and Enticing Tags
  • Differentiate Company
  • Sentence Structure

Internal Links

  • Proper Verbiage
  • Appropriate Keywords

Image Configuration

  • Proper File Name
  • Appropriate Size for Server

Social Media Strategies

  • Setup Facebook Page
  • Setup Twitter Account
  • Setup LinkedIn Business Account
  • All Linked to Site
  • Link Site to All
  • Thumbnails with Anchor Text
  • Tag the URL
  • Short Description

Local Search Optimization

  • Multiple Location Configurations
  • Google +/Places Account
  • Local Listings

Link Analysis

  • Link Strategy and Plan
  • Link Tactical Execution
  • Back-Link Creation/Link Building
  • Inbound Links
  • Link Authority
  • Link Diversity
  • Check for Bad Links

Site Accessibility

  • Page Access
  • Block Inappropriate Pages
  • Pagination
  • Setup Redirects
  • Reduce 404 Errors
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Block IPs of Agency and Client
  • Install Google Webmaster Tools
  • Maintain Appropriate Site Speed
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Reduce Duplicate Content
  • Bing Webmaster Submission
  • Add Schema Tags
  • Submit DMOZ

Sitemap Generation

  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap
  • Image Sitemap
  • Video Sitemap
  • Language Targeting
  • Check for Bad CMS
  • Check Site Navigation
  • Upload Content in Stages

Display SERP

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Structured Data
  • Authorship Information

Optional Services

  • Press Releases
  • Blog Posting