How to Design a Moving Company Website Home Page

As America’s leading moving company advertising and SEO agency, we have been designing moving company websites since 2010. In that time we have learned so much about what works and doesn’t work that we have gained a deep knowledge of the moving and storage industry which we would like to share with you. There is a lot to know, but here are the most important points to keep in mind in designing a moving company website home page:


  1. Design on mobile platform first. Google rankings are based on its indexing of mobile sites.
  2. Header: Keep it simple. Logo. Phone number. Credibility badge or two, e.g. BBB.
  3. Main Menu: Always on top. Never on side.
  4. Tabs on Menu: Base on interest as determined by Analytics from old site.
  5. Drop-downs: For selling pages only. Keep simple and streamlined.
  6. Customer Reviews: Put on Home Page as posted by customer. Never curate.
  7. Conversions: This page should have the goal of accomplishing one thing: Getting a quote. Everything about your design should further that goal.

This industry is an $18 billion a year business. If you do it right, you’ll get the conversions you need and see plenty of leads. Be the expert. Generate the leads! Generate the revenue!